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Canine Knee Surgery (ACL Repair)

Cranial cruciate ligament (CrCL) rupture (torn ACL) is a common injury in dogs.  The injury presents as a hind limb limp and can be diagnosed by Dr. Cody with an orthopedic examination and often recommended x-rays of your dog’s knee.  If left untreated a CrCL injury can result in decreased mobility, chronic pain, and arthritis.  Many CrCL patients elect to have a tight rope extracapsular stabilization knee surgery with Dr. Cody.  When compared to non-surgical treatments, the tight rope extracapsular stabilization can decrease healing time, increase range of motion and lessen pain.  The procedure is followed with at home post-operative care and physical therapy to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.  Dr. Cody will evaluate each case individually and discuss all options, including referral to Indianapolis or Purdue for one of many other techniques used to repair the canine knee, and tailor treatment to your dog’s needs. 

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